Stem Cell Fat Grafting

  • Immediate effect
  • Higher survival rate of fat cells

Stem Cell Fat Grafting

  • Immediate effect
  • Higher survival rate of fat cells

Stem Cell Fat Grafting

  • Immediate effect
  • Higher survival rate of fat cells

Operation Time

1 hour

Anesthesia Method

Local/IV Sedation

Thread Removal

10 days

Recovery Process

10 days

Stem Cell Fat Grafting

Stem cell is a clump of immature cells from which differentiation is possible to any kinds of cell. Stem cell boasts high enriching ability for growth factor. Therefore, nourishments are supplied to the grafted fat which leads the growth of surrounding tissues and will result in elastic skin and wrinkle improvement.

Stem cell fat grafting is a kind of treatment that uses the regeneration capabilities of stem cell. It shows higher engraftment rate and fat cell survival rate which will cause the maximization of positive effect comparing to the use of artificial prosthesis or other general fat grafting treatments as it uses stem cell extracted from fat tissues of a patient.

Procedural Steps

Extracting Fat Cells


Harvesting Pure Fat Cells

Harvesting Stem Cells

Mixing Stem and Fat Cells


Features of Stem Cell Fat Grafting

  • Making you younger with even more voluminous skin
  • Satisfying with the result through only one time of treatment thanks to the higher engraftment rate comparing to existing fat grafting methods
  • Expectation of effective skin care on wrinkle and skin tone with growth factor which is beneficial to the activation of tissues
  • Reduced side effect such as cystosteatoma, fat necrosis or calcification which may come out in the course of mass fat grafting, e.g. transplant to breast or hip

Pictures before and after an operation

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“I have always felt that I had a wide and angular face. I opted for eyelid, nose, jawbone and cheekbone surgery and the results are amazing. My face is smaller, more photogenic and I am much more confident than before. Thank you to all at Pitangui.”
“I’m delighted with the total beauty service I’ve recently had done at Pitangui Medical and Beauty. The double eyelid surgery, short nose rhinoplasty and PRP full face graft have all worked together to give me the face I have always dreamed of. I am so happy!”

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