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Before you go to get the implant treatment done, you’d better find a doctor who has sufficient clinical experiences and knowledge on the treatment.
At Pitangui Dental Care Center, you will definitely meet that kind of doctor who would design a thorough treatment plan just for you. Apart from Austem Implant popular with Korean dental field, we have other implant systems as Dio Implant and Megagen Implant. Of them all, Pitangui is mainly using products by 3I which is an American implant company and a long-time consultant in the concerned field. It will take different amount of time until you get your implant treatment fully completed.
For the upper jaw, you will be expecting 3~4 months while for the lower jaw, it will be 5~6 months. Generally, the dental aesthetics is determined by the front teeth and at Pitangui, you will be provided with the implant that could be used on the spot.

Most of patients are scared of pains and noises that the dental treatment devices would make.
At Pitangui, we have anesthetists always stand by for any possible inconveniences and you can receive the treatment while you are under the controlled anesthesia.
We have found that patients would not be satisfied at all no matter how they were treated by the cleverest devices and techniques unless they saw durability and aesthetics after the treatment. By the time 3~4 months after the implant, you will go with the dental prosthesis and this is when the most experienced dental technician would be needed.
For those who are very much concerned about the aesthetics, Pitangui requests Oral Design, the best dental care device manufacturer in New York, for the prosthesis.

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