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THERMA-G Plus is allowed to be used Electorde Type and Pad Type according to an operational method and an operational area. Frequency (0.3MH or 0.5MHz) is selected by a purpose of use. Now, you are invited to treat your skin problems with this new definition Multi-Function with Dual R.F System created by the combination of 30 year of know-how and the cutting-edge scientific technology.

R· F SYSTEM Application Programs

When RF (Radio Frequency) is applied to a living matter, molecules that have built up the matter are forced to move between a negative pole and a positive pole, which is described as the polarizingaction.Duringthisaction,animalheatoccursinthecellulartissuethatexpandsmicro-vessels,activatescellulartissueandimproveslymphaticdrainage.Thewholetreatmentisnowcalledthermotherapy. RF System has been created while the thermo therapy was thoroughly examined. This is referred to as deep heat.
Obesity Clinic
  • - Customized obesity care
  • - Body fat burning
  • - Posture correction
  • - Maximizing the effects of Mesotherapy
Skin Care Clinic
  • - Lifting
  • - Whitening
  • - Acne, freckles
  • - Wrinkles
Hair Loss Clinic
  • - Stimulates hair growth by working on hair follicles (as long as a patient has hair roots).
  • - Hair strengthening

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Pictures before and after an operation  

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