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CQ Fractional Laser

CICU is the most up-to-date Fraxel laser. Comparing to the current fraxel laser, you will feel less pain and be treated in a shorter period of time with better results.
The Fraxel laser CICU is a laser that uses CO2 as a medium.
With RF tube adopted, CICU is believed to be safe, performing stable power and even laser quality. Through various micro-holes, high heat energy is applied to stimulate collagen and elastin which would have the skin remodeled.
In addition, CICU helps the scars recovered naturally and that makes the treatment most appropriate to treat acne scars and large pores. You can also work on skin brightening with CICU at a time.

Principles of CQ Laser

  • Micri fractional Resurfacing
  • Laser beam is dividedeven smaller than a hair. Such laser beam is applied to the skin surface, occurring artificial heat damage. Countless micro laser beams are applied to cellular tissue several times and the epidermis and the thick skin are rejuvenated simultaneously. With the micro laser beams, so many MTZs are being created in a vertical manner deep down to the thick skin layer (MTZs: Micorthemal Treatment Zones). As the scars are led to the natural recovery, you will have wrinkles, elasticity, acne, pores and other scars much improved. With CQ Laser, you will be able to receive various skin care treatments at a time.

Benefits of CICU Laser

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