Cool Touch II Laser
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Cool Touch II Laser

Cool Touch II Laser with the temperature sensing system and the cooling system applied gets laser energy of 1,320wave-length only reach to the thick skin layer. That way, the treatment has the skin rejuvenated as it encourages collagen production. Since the skin is instantly frozen with Cool Touch II Laser, the acne scars, the pores and fine wrinkles are improved just perfectly while the thick skin would not still be damaged.

Benefits of Cool Touch II Laser

Areas of treatment

You will not feel any pain while receiving Cool Touch II Laser.

In order to avoid any patient inconvenience during treatment , Pitangui Skin Care Center selects the most appropriate laser fluence according to each patient characteristics. The laser fluence will increase the cooling time by reducing the temperature when patient feels a pain. It is an automatic cooling control system and with this laser fluence, you will get a relaxing treatment since the cooling spray would be turned on when the skin temperature reaches to a certain point.

Without pain and skin damage, the laser will go down into the skin to tighten the pores, working on the glands to treat acne and acne scars.

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Pictures before and after an operation  

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