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Scarlet is the latest Fraction RF equipment created by the combination of a stamp principle and RF. The equipment conducts micronic-physical treatment inside the skin as it provides the skin with RF energy around the needle marks. For Scarlet, Pitangui Skin Care has selected 2MHz method which has been known for the best RF energy flow. Scarelt of Pitangui Skin Care goes down 3.5mm the most, reaching right before the panniculus. As the equipment separates the epidermis from the thick skin by 0.1mm, you will get the epidermis and the thick skin treated either separately or at a time.

What is Scarlet?

Areas of treatment

  • - Skin aging (lifting, elasticity, anti-wrinkle)
  • - Pore tightening
  • - Scar treatment (acne scar, other scars, keloid)
  • - Whitening
  • - Acne, gooseflesh, striae distensae
  • - Hair loss

What is good about Scarlet?

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Pictures before and after an operation  

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