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In the modern society, people tend to get the body more exposed to others. Those who have lots of hair are concerned about their images caused by the hair and they come to a clinic to work it out. The hair removal is called waxing. Waxing is a treatment that would remove hair as the treatment selectively works on hair follicles only. People usually go with easy waxing such as shaving, waxing cream application and removing the hair by some kind of tape. But all of those are only temporary.

Waxing preference

  • Women’s waxing preference
  • - Armpit (93%)
  • Women wear the sleeveless and go to a swimming pool. You can hardly find a woman with hair under their armpits. That proves how many women have done the armpit waxing.
  • - Narrow forehead (13%)
  • Forehead waxing is more popular with the men, which is 59% of preference rate. Men get their foreheads waxed for career while women do for beauty.
  • - Arms (4%), legs (4%)
  • When summer is around the corner, women come to a clinic to get their arms and legs waxed. Not only does this indicate that women have their bodies more exposed to others comparing to the past but also it indicates that it will take more time for the women to get their arms and legs to be waxed.
  • - Armpit (7%)
  • You will never want to show hairy armpit when you go swimming. With flawless waxed armpits, you will not be afraid of wearing a swimming suit.

  • Mens’ waxing preference
  • - Narrow forehead (59%)
  • Men want their forehead to be wide. Since there has been a saying that a narrow forehead would interrupt you with getting employed, the men visit a clinic to get their forehead waxed.
  • - Arms (4%), legs (4%)
  • Arms and legs waxing is evidence to a unisex phenomenon. Nowadays, men are not afraid of showing off their bodies to others. Since they consider that a hairy body is outdated, they receive the arms and legs waxing treatment.
  • - Chin (13%), cheeks (9%), mustache (3%)
  • While women wear a make-up, men shave. However, men find shaving takes too long every busy morning, and thick and dark hair is also likely to damage their expression with others. In addition, the hair on the face cause skin troubles as folliculitis from time to time.
  • - Armpit (7%)
  • For men who have severe hircismus, armpit waxing is conducted.

Skin Care Equipment

  • Gentle Laser

  • It is a laser to treat the skin by freesing the skin surface through Cooling Device (DCD). As an upgraded version of current lasers, Gentle Laser minimizes tissue damage through better heat control. It only destroys hair follicles, protecting the skin which makes patient feel relaxed during treatment.

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