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Wrinkle, the common symbol of aging

Wrinkles occur as collagen fiber and elastic fiber in the thick skin are transformed. It is a line appearing on the surface of skin. You may have wrinkles around the eyes and the mouth as you smile. However, other wrinkles which are always shown around the eyes, on the forehead and on the bridge of the nose will make you look tired and older. You might get your first impression negative or unlikable with other people. Unlike other parts of our body, the skin is always exposed to the outside and gets aged by such exposure. That decreases functions of collagen and elastin, which have kept your skin elastic. In the process of functional decrease of the two substances, you will get the wrinkles on your skin. Apart from the factor caused by inactive collagen and elastin, air contamination, eating habit, cosmetics, smoking, weather, stress, blood circulation disorder and genetic factors would stimulate the wrinkles.

What would cause the wrinkles?

Types of wrinkle

The medical field believes that you start to have wrinkles after the age of 18. According to different directions of gravity, your skin gets loosened and you get wrinkles.
Your smiling wrinkle makes you a sweet person but other wrinkles on the forehead, the bridge of the nose, around the mouth and on the cheeks would interrupt you to be a beautiful, young woman. The wrinkles are caused by facial expressions and the gravity. While almost everyone has fine wrinkles, you will be subjected to unpleasant wrinkles on the forehead/the bridge of the nose/under the eyes/near the nose and around the lips by how you would make your facial expressions. You might also have wrinkles by early aging process caused by stress.

Skin Care Equipment

  • Scarlet

  • Scarlet is the latest Fraction RF equipment created by the combination of a stamp principle and RF. The equipment conducts micronic-physical treatment inside the skin as it provides the skin with RF energy around the needle marks. For Scarlet, Pitangui Skin Care has selected 2MHz method which has been known for the best RF energy flow. Scarelt of Pitangui Skin Care goes down by 3.5mm the most, reaching right before the panniculus. As the equipment divides the epidermis and the thick skin by 0.1mm, you will get the epidermis and the thick skin treated either separately or at a time.

  • Metrix cell

  • As also known as Super Fraxel, Metrix cell laser adopts the fractional method to treat skin problems, which has been highly recognized for skin rejuvenation. The laser is penetrated into the thick skin layer and makes a pin hole. That way, DRT (a treatment to improve the thick skin) is achieved. As Metirx cell delicately cuts the skin tissue, the angle of an dent area gets minimized which would make the border seamless. The treatment even works for other severely fallen parts as it stimulates fibroblast in the thick skin layer. During the treatment, collagen growth increases and that makes the scar rejuvenated.

  • Vital Iont

  • With ionospheresis applied, “Vital Iont” has Vitamin C, activated by cellular tissue, penetrated deep into the skin by using fine current. Afterwards, Ascorbic Acid, both ionized and gained via electrolysis, is adsorbed into the cell as much as possible which would continuously control the melanin growth. Vital Iont encourages collagen production and works on all sorts of pigmentation diseases which have been regarded refractory as freckles. Add to this, unlike other current operations, you will not feel any pain during the treatment with Vital Iont. You will not be put under anesthesia and worried about side-effects later on.

  • Nd-Yag

  • Nd-Yag, an innovative pigmentation treatment, has been invented for you to have younger and brightening skin.

  • CQ Fractional Laser

  • CICU is the most up-to-date Proxel laser. Comparing to the current proxel laser, you will feel less pain and be done with the treatment in a shorter period of time with better results. It is a proxel laser with CO2 as a medium. With RF tube adopted, CICU is believed to be safe, performing stable power and even laser quality. Through various micro-holes, high heat energy is applied to stimulate collagen and elastin which would have the skin remodeled. In addition, CICU helps the scars recovered naturally and that makes the treatment most appropriate to treat acne scars and large pores. You can also work on skin brightening with CICU at a time.

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