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Freckles are an acquired skin disease, caused by excessive melanin deposition. The disease is frequently observed with women in their thirties and it usually occurs around the eyes, cheeks, forehead, jaws, nose and the upper lip. The freckles appear in cluster as dark brown hyperpigmented areas. Excerbating factors are pregnancy, genetic factors, stress, endocrinopathy and hormones. But, most of all, it is the sunlight that is considered the biggest factor to the disease.
Freckles have been basically found with the women in their twenties and the thirties but with a man who enjoys outdoor activities, the freckles are also observed. People usually do not show any symptoms but, the darker the skin is, the more likely the freckles occur. The disease degenerates in spring and summer while gets better in autumn and winter.

What would cause the freckles?

Do you find your skin sensitive to sun exposure? Then, you are likely to have freckles on your face in any minutes!

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Age spot that shows your age

Skin Care Equipment

  • Vital Iont

  • With ionospheresis applied, “Vital Iont” has Vitamin C, activated by cellular tissue, penetrated deep into the skin by using fine current. Afterwards, Ascorbic Acid, both ionized and gained via electrolysis, is adsorbed into the cell as much as possible which would continuously control the melanin growth. Vital Iont encourages collagen production and works on all sorts of pigmentation diseases which have been regarded refractory as freckles. Add to this, unlike other current operations, you will not feel any pain during the treatment with Vital Iont. You will not be put under anesthesia and worried about side-effects later on.

  • Nd-Yag

  • Nd-Yag, an innovative pigmentation treatment, has been invented for you to have younger and brighter skin. Nd-Yag laser is a laser created by the combination of Yag, as a medium, and Neodymium (Nd). With 532nmm of wavelength and 1,064nm of infrared wave generated by Nd-Yag laser, freckles and pigmentation on your face will be efficiently removed. You can also have your tattoo disappeared with Nd-Yag laser.

  • Gentle Laser

  • It is a laser to treat the skin by freesing the skin surface through Cooling Device (DCD). As an upgraded version of current lasers, Gentle Laser minimizes tissue damage through better heat control. It only destroys hair follicles, protecting the skin which makes patient feel relaxed during treatment.

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