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Many factors contribute to acne formation. One of sex hormones called, androgen, gets activated during your puberty. The androgen stimulates the growth of glands which would, in return, cause acne.

Even adults who lack a good night sleep, can develop acne due to adrenocortical hormones stimulating the sebaceous glands. Apart from that, many other factors such as vitaminosis, menstrual irregularity,genetic factors, exposure to strong sunlight, climates of high temperature, lack of exercise, and stress are believed to cause acne. All of those factors contributes to the clogging of skin pores, preventing sebum from properly being excreted. The sebum accumulated in the pores develops acne in concert with bacteria causing inflammatory reaction called comedones in other word acne.The clogged pores that have excessive sebum are the main cause of the acne. As more scientific research unfolds the exact pathophysiology of acne formation, genetic factor also seems to play an important role in acne formation.

Stress and Acne

How to cope with acne

Skin Care Equipment

Skin Care Equipment
  • Scarlet

  • Scarlet is the latest Fraction RF equipment created by the combination of a stamp principle and RF. The equipment conducts micronic-physical treatment inside the skin as it provides the skin with RF energy around the needle marks. For Scarlet, Pitangui Skin Care has selected 2MHz method which has been known for the best RF energy flow. Scarelt of Pitangui Skin Care goes down 3.5mm the most, reaching right before the panniculus. As the equipment separates the epidermis from the thick skin by 0.1mm, you will get the epidermis and the thick skin treated either separately or at a time.

Skin Care Equipment
  • Nd-Yag

  • Nd-Yag, an innovative pigmentation treatment, has been invented for you to have younger and brighter skin. Nd-Yag laser is a laser created by the combination of Yag, as a medium, and Neodymium (Nd).With 532nmm of wavelength and 1,064nm of infrared wave generated by Nd-Yag laser, freckles and pigmentation on your face will be efficiently removed. You can also have your tattoo disappeared with Nd-Yag laser.

Skin Care Equipment
  • Vital Iont

  • With ionospheresis applied, “Vital Iont” has Vitamin C be activated by cellular tissue, penetrated deep into the skin by using fine current. Afterwards, Ascorbic Acid, both ionized and gained via electrolysis, is adsorbed into the cell as much as possible which would continuously control the melanin growth. Vital Iont encourages collagen production and works on all sorts of pigmentation diseases which have been regarded refractory as freckles. Add to this, unlike other current operations, you will not feel any pain during the treatment with Vital Iont. You will not be put under anesthesia and worried about side-effects later on.

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