Royal operation
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Royal operation

The surgeonhas the dent area between the nose and the cheeks plumped through the royal operation. You will look younger and sophisticated as much as a royal member.

Three methods of the royal operation

  • Implant of the supplement

  • Before the surgeon implants the supplement, hemakes a minor cut inside the mouth (about 1cm). Since the cut is made inside the mouth, you will hardly have scars. The surgeon puts you under the controlled anesthesia or the minimal anesthesia and it will take about one hour to get the operation done. For the supplements, synthetic substances as the silicone block and gortex are used. The surgeon uses a bone or a cartilage tissue. Your mouth which has been projected will be treated to some degree.
  • Auto-fat implant

  • The auto-fat implant is performed with a patient’s own tissue and for that reason; you will barely have side-effects. You will have the dent areas plumped with the auto-fat implant operation. No feeling of alien substances. No side-effects. Fast recovery rate.
  • Filler aesthetic surgery (Restylane)

  • The needling method features the fast recovery rate and simplicity of the practice. When the area is considered to be dent less than expected, the surgeon administersrestylaneinto the skin to get the dent area plumped. A very simple practice. You can return to your routines as soon as possible.


  • - Those with a projected mouth. Those who would not look smart enough
  • - Those who look older because of laugh lines
  • - Those who would like to have a smaller face


  • - The projected mouth will be properly treated.
  • - You will look younger and cuter with the laugh lines diminished.
  • - Your lips will be more attractive and classic.

Pictures before and after an operation

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Pictures before and after an operation  

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