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Ulthera (Ultrasonic lifting)

The surgeon first makes a diagnosis on your skin with direct high-intensity ultrasonic waves which are called HIFU-KNIFE. The surgeon never makes cuts in the skin, harming no damage either. The surgeon works only on the wrinkles deep down in the skin. You will be happy with the results of this cutting-edge new definition operational method.


  • - Those who are not happy with fine wrinkles around the eyes
  • - Those who have loosened eyelids because of skin aging
  • - Thosewho have loosened facial line and a big face
  • - Those of unclear boundary between the jaw and the neck
  • - Those who would like to work on the wrinkles of the neck
  • - Those who would like to be younger without the operation


  • - No side-effects
  • - Minimal anesthesia. No cooling is required.
  • - The operation is completed in a short period of time.
  • - With only one practice of the operation, you will receive the satisfactory benefits.
  • - You can return to your routines right after the operation.


Laser beams are generously applied to the facial line and the wrinkles. As the fat tissues are dissolved, your facial line becomes slimmer. The growth of collagen is promoted which would make the facial line elastic.


  • - Heavy cheeks above the laugh lines
  • - Double chin. Overly loosened skin under the jaw.
  • - Too heavy cheeks
  • - Loosened front jaw after the botox injection into the square jaw
  • - Those who would like to have a V-shaped jaw line without making cuts in the jaw bone
  • - Fleshy cheeks
  • - Too fleshy face after the excessive fat implant
  • - Those who would like to have the flesh around the cheekbones minimized
  • - Those who would like to correct the facial asymmetry without a bone operation


  • - Collagen remodeling. Tightening
  • - The operation is completed in a short period of time.
  • - No-cut operation
  • - Fast recovery rate
  • - Rapid benefits
  • - Safe operation


엔도타인endoscope forehead serratus operation will give you the ultimate benefits if you are concerned about a lack of elasticity of the forehead, loosened eyelids and wrinkle on the forehead. Those skin problems are determined to be caused by the loosened forehead and the different eyebrows in height.
In order to lift up the loosened forehead, specially designed엔도타인 is administered into the skin tissues from various directions. That will make your skin elastic and plumped. Facial serratusoperation has been considered not to be appropriate for the correction of the external side of the eyebrows. But with this 엔도타인endoscope forehead serratus operation, you will have younger forehead and face as the shortcomings of the facial serratus operation are worked out.


  • - Eyes with drooped eyebrows and loosened eyelids
  • - Big wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows
  • - Those who would open the eyes with the forehead muscles
  • - Eyes which have become smaller than before. No clear eyelids.
  • - Those who would like to have something stronger than botox
  • - Those who have drooped jaw line because of fleshy cheeks


  • - Satisfactory benefits. Semi-permanent benefits
  • - Human-like implant. Safe operation
  • - Minimal incision by the endoscope. Quick recovery rate
  • - Less of blood vessel damage as the nerves would not be tied up as they have been with the current injection method.
  • - You can choose area to be lifted. Intensity could be controlled.
  • - For the forehead lifting operation, you can have it reconstructed within 2 weeks after the first practice.

Easy lift

With the easy lift, you can have the similar benefits to those of the facial contouring operation. It is performed with a thread, called “Contour thread”, which is the one and only special medical thread that has been approved by Korean Drug and Food Administration.


  • - Improvement of laugh lines, drooped cheeks and jaw flesh
  • - Maximization of collagen regeneration in the thick skin
  • - Improvement of skin elasticity


  • - No-cut operation. Quick recovery rate
  • - No side-effects. Minimal anesthesia. Less of the operational burden
  • - You can return to the routines right after the operation.
  • - No swelling. No bruises
  • - 30~60 minute of operation time
  • - The thread is so thin that you will hardly see the tread on the skin.

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