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What is the arrow-like/long nose?

When you have a long nose towards the lips, you can be regarded to have an arrow-like nose.


  • - Long nose
  • - Your mouth looks projected.

Appropriate operation

Making the lowered nasal tip cartilage higher, making the nasal tip higher, correcting the height of the nose bone

  • Since the nasal tip cartilage is long and lowered, we make the cartilage rotated and fixed so that we could shorten the length.

Making the nasal tip higher

  • On the nasal tip cartilage which has been rotated upwards, the surgeon places septum cartilage so that the surgeon can get your nasal tip higher.

Correction of the height of the nose bone

  • The surgeon works on the nose bone height in consideration of the nasal tip height. When you have a hooked nose, the surgeon first gets the hooked area gone. When you have a low nose bone, the surgeon implants a supplement to get it properly higher.

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