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What are upturned nose and short nose?

If you find the angle between the nasal tip and the lip over 110℃, you are considered to have a upturned nose or a short nose.
Usually, you show much of the nostrils with such nose.


  • - Short nose
  • - Shows much of the nostrils

Appropriate operation

Nasal tip cartilage extension

  • By working on the cartilage in septum, we will keep the nasal tip cartilage high as we have it fixed on the end of the septum cartilage in the back.

Making the nose bone higher

  • In general, people think that the upturned nose would only show whole nostrils to other people. However, usually, for those who have such nose, they are observed to have another problem in that their nasion is lower than other normal nasions which would make their nose short. In that case, the rhinoplastic operation is conducted and as the nasion gets higher, you will have a long nose in the end.

Making the nasal tip upwards

  • Cartilage operation + Cartilage implant + Rhinoplastic operation
  • We first separate the alar cartilage from another cartilage in the nose bone. We have them realigned, filling the gap so that the two cartilages would be collapsed in the back.
    Through the operation, we have the cartilage in both alars gathered in the middle by implanting a silicon supplement to make your nose bone long. The cartilage is inserted into the nasal tip which would be projected later on.

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