What is the most ideal nose aesthetic surgery?
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Rhinoplasty in Korea

What is the ideal aesthetics of thenose?

You should understand the differences between the nose of an Asian and that of a Westerner first. You also need to think of the angle, the shape and the ratio as well.
Not only will the surgeon increase the height of the nose but he also trims the nose as well considering the overall shape and the volume. By that way, you can have a nose that would go along with your whole face. A little change of the nose can change your whole personal impression. Since the surgeon works even on the cartilageat the ti po fthe nose,he will give you the mos tthree-dimensional, idealnose exclusively for you.


Nose Aesthetic Surgery
  • The ratio of nostrils to the nose alar should be 6:4.
  • When the nose is measured the same in width from the beginning of the nose, the tip of the nose to the philtrum, we consider it the most ideal nose. But, here, we have a nose of which the beginning is wider than the width of the philtrum and the nose of which the tip is bigger than the beginning.


Rhinoplasty in Korea
  • The angle of the nose to the forehead should be 115℃~130℃.
  • The angle between the areas right under the nose and right above the philtrum should be 90℃~100℃.

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