How to conduct the nose aesthetic surgery
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In the right middle of the face, the nose determines the balance of the facial proportion. Not only we focus on the height of the nose but we also conduct the nose aesthetic surgery as we care for the whole facial proportion dividing the nose into two parts as the nose itself and the tip of the nose.
If you only have your nose higher not considering the whole image, you will never have the three-dimensional, modern nose. At Pitangui Medical&Beauty Center, we will give you the most appropriate nose to your whole facial image as we work on every part of the nose.

The greatest benefits of Rhinoplastic operation

  • - You will have the most sophisticated facial line from the forehead, the nose to the chin.
  • - When you have the line, you will have clearer facial impression, making people think that you have such a small face.
  • - Your mouth looks less projected while your cheekbones feel smaller.

Nasal Osteotomy

When you have a nose with big nasal bone or an unbalanced nose bone, you are recommended for the nasal bone incision operation. In the operation, the surgeon breaks the bones right next to the nose and make the nasal bone gathered in the middle. That way, the width of the nose becomes narrow and you will have the most balanced nose ever in your life.

TheADVANTAGES of the nasal bone incision

  • - Since the surgeon works to get your nose narrower, you will have slim, erect nose which would make you have a sophisticated facial impression.
  • - You will have a slimmer face.
  • - Since the nose gets balanced with the operation, your whole face will feel very much balanced and organized.
  • - When you suffer from other nasal functional problems, the surgeon definitely gets you to have a talk with the ear, nose and throat specialist beforehand. The surgeon will, then, give you the operation which would work both on the aesthetic aspect and the medical functional aspect.

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