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Pitangui Brazilian hip-up surgery

Brazil is perhaps thethe most popular place on earth for plastic surgery This can be attributed to its sizzling hot weather- women wear very lightly such as shorts and Bikini’s all throughout the year !Hence makes them very much interested in how their body would look.
Brazil brags its plastic surgery market and ranks as the 3rd largest (after the United States and China) in terms of the numbers of plastic surgeries performed per year and is second only to the United States in terms of the number of board certified plastic surgeons [2012 ISAPS Biennial Global Survey] . In addition, many Plastic Surgeons are actively participating world-wide academic seminars and publishing papers to exchange and document knowledge of their expertise.


  • - Drooped hip. Boring body shape
  • - Unattractive hip in a pair of skinny jeans or leggings
  • - Those who would like to have the sexually attractive hip.

Autologous -fat transplantation

  • Liposuction and fat implant

  • - Since you will be using your own tissue, the operation will be safe and free of any side-effects.
  • - The entry point for the liposuction cannula is a hole about 3mm in diameter made at the waist or a thigharea . Fat from such area will be grafted to the upper hip which would give you a lifted hip later on.
  • - The scar will be barely noticeable after a few months after the surgery.
  • - You can have a hip lift with the fat injectioninto the lower hip and the upper hip.
  • - Your legs will look longer.
  • - If you have less fat around the hip, you can use fat from the lower belly.
  • - You will not feel much pain. You can return to your routines immediately after the operation.
  • - Have the elasticity of the hip preserved with aerobic or swimming 3~4 weeks after the surgery.
  • - You need to wear a compression garment for about three months.
  • - You will have your ideal body shape if you receive Endermologie or the laser treatmentalong with liposuction .

  • Mini- Hip Lift with siliconeSutures

  • - The surgeon gathers the hip to the m,idlinewith a special suture(made out of silicone). You will have yourhip significantly lifted.
  • - You will be tremendously satisfied with the results of this simple surgery.
  • - No incisions . No recovery period. You can go to work on the next day after the surgery.

  • Hip-up with animplant

  • - he surgeon fillsin between the hip muscles by inserting a silicone implant.
  • - After the surgeon makessmall incisions (about 4~5cm) between the two buttocks , an implant is insertion on either sides of the buttock. The surgery is strongly recommended to those who would like to get the best benefits with one-time surgery.
  • - You will be put under the controlled anesthesia. You will be returning to your routines after 4~5 days.
  • - You may combine the fat implant with the operation for more delicateresults.
  • - You will hardly find scars because they will be hidden under the wrinkles.

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