Bird face operation
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Bird face operation

If you have your jaw back in the line, you will have a bird face.
You have not a clear boundary between the neck and the face and your mouth looks projected. This will make other people think that you are not smart enough. The surgeonmakes the jaw line aligned by implanting a supplement or by performing the incision.

Self-diagnosis with the bird face

  • Bone incision

  • The surgeon pulls out the lower jaw bone after we make cuts in the area.
    Since the surgeon works on the whole jaw bone, your jaw line will become as natural as possible. You will have the ultimate facial impression.

  • Implant of a supplement

  • Through a small cut as big as 2cm in the inside the mouth, the surgeon makes the lower jaw exposed. The surgeon implants the bird face supplement in the front of the jaw bone, which he has trimmed in consideration of your facial line.
    The surgeon has the supplement fixed with tape for about 2~3 dyas.
    Partial anesthesia. No swelling. You can return to your routines after 2~3 days.

Pictures before and after an operation

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Pictures before and after an operation  

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