Square jaw line operation
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Square jaw line operation

Reducing the width of (the lower jaw under the ears) on the tip of the jaw has been considered impossible. But now, it is a different story. With the square jaw line operation, the surgeon cuts cortex and make the strong jaw look soft. This is the ultimate jaw line operation of all and you will be definitely satisfied with the results even though you have not been happy with the current jaw line operation. You could have the jaw trimmed again through this operation.

Benefits of the square jaw line operation

  • - The surgeon never makes cuts inside the mouth. You will be less restricted to a meal.
  • - Less of blooding and swelling. Five days after the operation, you can return to your routines.
  • - The surgeon works only on the subperiosteal. This will not damage blood vessels and nerves.
  • - The surgeon makes less of cuts during the operation. Fast recovery rate, as a result.

Self-diagnosis with the square jaw line reduction operation

Pictures before and after an operation

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