Reconstruction of the double eyelid
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Revision of the double eyelid

No one would want to undergo double eyelid operation more than once. However, unfortunately, for several reasons, some of them are suggested to have reconstruction.
In that case, you should get it done by a skillful specialist.

Candidates Indications for the double eyelid reconstruction

  • - Unclear double eyelid
  • - Two different double eyelids in size
  • - Two different double eyelids in height
  • - To make the double eyelids get corrected in a way of In -> Out and out -> In.
  • - When you want the double eyelids to get disappeared.
  • - When you have double eyelids get loosened.
  • - When you have the double eyelids swollen too long.
  • - When you have sleepy double eyelids.

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