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What is the eye corrective operation?

If your iris (colored part of your eyes: dark brown for Asians and blue or green to gray for Caucasians) are covered by the upper eyelid, you might look sleepy. It is believed to be caused because the LPS (Levatorpalpabraesuperioris) eye-opening muscle is weak. For those who have the symptom, wrinkles appear on the forehead because they inadvertently try to open the eyes by using their forehead muscle as a compensatory mechanism. With the eye corrective operation, you will have clear, bigger, refreshing eyes.

Advantages of the eye corrective operation

  • - The most ideal operation for blepharoptosis.
  • - Prevention of forehead wrinkles
  • - Suitable for loosened double eyelid
  • - Your personal impression will change in a positive way with the bigger, clearer eyes.
  • - You will feel softer in person after the operation.
  • - Suitable for multilayer eyelid

How to conduct the eye corrective operation

Pictures before and after an operation

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Pictures before and after an operation  

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