Nipple aesthetic surgery
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  • Dent nipples

    Dent nipples would not have any influences on your daily life. Nevertheless, you can still hate them as waste is accumulated in the space or as it smells which would affect your sexual life. However, most of all, the dent nipples could affect baby feeding. As milk sediment is left in the space, it could cause an infection.
    If your nipples go upwards when they are pushed by hands, you would not need to receive the surgery. Otherwise, it would be better for you to get it done.

    How to conduct the dent nipple surgery

    Nipple reduction surgery

    Some of women are happened to have overly projected or overly-drooped nipples. For Korean women, they basically have nipples as big as 1cm in diameter and 7~9mm in height. The unbalanced ratio of the nipples to the areola would not look good. You can have a surgery on the nipples without scars but since the nerves around them could be damaged, you should consider of getting it very carefully before the surgery.

    Causes and symptoms of the nipple reduction surgery

    Family history, the puberty or the pregnancy.
    If you have overly projected nipples, you could feel sexually ashamed or suffer from skin pain caused of friction.

    How to perform the nipple reduction surgery

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