Breast reduction surgery
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Breast reduction surgery

When you have excessively full bosoms, you will not look that attractive and such bosoms will have a bad influence on your health. The heavy bosoms will damage your spine, hurting the shoulder and causing skin troubles in which the bosoms are swept. You will be also likely to have a severe period pain because the bosoms interrupt blood in circulation.
When it comes to the breast reduction surgery, you should be aware of some scar and its influence on baby feeding and nerves around the nipples. If you would like to receive the surgery for healthy problems, you should first discuss with a professional doctor.

How to conduct the surgery

  • Vertical incision (the most common method)

  • -Less of the scars comparing to the other method
  • - Suitable for the big breasts
  • - No problem in baby feeding
  • - Preservation of nerves around the nipples

  • Wise incision

  • - Anticipated results. Better results for bigger breasts
  • - Preservation of the functions of the nipples
  • - Many scars after the surgery

Benefits of the breast reduction

Drooped breast correction

As you get aged, your skin becomes loosened with thinner thick skin.
The drooped breast correction would be the best option to those who are concerned about drooped breasts because of repeated pregnancy and baby feeding.

You should receive the drooped breast correction if you…

  • - have experienced a huge weight change in a short period of time.
  • - have the breasts drooped because of pregnancy and baby feeding.
  • - have the breast drooped because of age
  • - have the skin loosened as the fat tissue gets reduced in volume.

Category of the drooped breasts

The breasts are divided into three groups according to the droopiness degree. A different method is applied to a different droopiness.
  • A-class drooped breast

  • - With the nipples in alignment with the wrinkle under the breast or 1cm lower than the wrinkle
  • B-class drooped breast

  • - With the nipples 1~2cm lower than the wrinkle under the breast but still, located above the lowest part of the breast
  • C-class drooped breast

  • - With the nipples 3cm lower than the wrinkle under the breast and point downwards

Pictures before and after an operation

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