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What defines the most beautiful breasts?

As one of the greatest sexual attractions, the breasts determine the beauty of a woman.
In the west, people consider that you have the most ideal body shape if you have breast (waist circumference) as big as the hip circumference. However, among Asianas it is a totally different story. Most Asian women on average have shortheight and have relatively large head and hip compared to those women of the west. If you have properly full breasts of elasticity, you will be said to have a perfect body shape. For the ideal breasts, they should be circular in shape with nipples slightly going upwards.

  • Have you seen the Venus by Miller?
  • Her bosoms are considered to be most ideal because the curve from the nipples to the beasts is almost circular. For the central part with the two bosoms met, you will find a conical space in between.
    With Pitangui breast aesthetic surgery, you will have very much curvy breasts and it will improve your own ladyishness in the end.

What would determine the most ideal breasts?

  • - Proper fullness and elasticity
  • - Conical space in between. The line from the neck to the breast should be straight.
  • - They should be bigger than the waist by 20~25cm.
  • - The nipples go slightly external. The area which has connected the armpit and the breast should be full.
  • - The area under the nipple should be full and charming.
  • - When you look at the breasts in the front, the line between the two nipples and the collarbone should form a regular triangle.
  • - When you look at the breasts from the side, the most projected area of the breast should go down between the shoulder and the elbow.
  • - The areola should rather be lighter in color than darker.

The breast augmentation just right for you

People have all different breast shape and size.That is the reason why the surgeon should perform a different operation from one individual to another. At Pitangui, you will have breast augmentation most ideal to your breasts’ features such as your childbirth history, size, shape and the exent of droopiness, skin thickness, and skin eleasticty.

Choice of the Implant implant

Every implant has different shape texture.

  • Smooth type

  • Soft outside and easy to be implanted. You will be wowed by how soft the implant would feel outside. Your breasts with the smooth type will exactly look like real breasts moving into every direction.

  • Texture type

  • With tissues growing between micro bumps on the surface, you will not feel the breasts tightened, which would make you not to receive any post-operational massage. However, the thick cover could feel less soft comparing to the smooth type.

  • Tear drop implant

  • With the water drop implant, you will be able to have water drop shaped breasts. It is the most satisfactoryimplant ever to the patients.

Location of implant.Operational process

The surgeon performs a different operation method according to the location of the implant and incision method

  • Over-the-muscle surgery

  • The implant would get influenced by the moves of the breast muscle. Suitable for drooped breasts or those which have a gap in between.

  • Under-the-muscle surgery

  • The common surgery. You will feel less of foreign substances. You will hardly have side-effects and the implant would not affect baby feeding and breast cancer examination at all.

  • Dual-plane (dual gap implant)

  • The most popular breast aesthetic surgery at this moment. You will be happy with the dimensions, the texture and the shape. Minimum side-effects.

Location of incision

We are using four incision methods.

Trans-axillary (incision at thearmpit fold)

  • As the most frequently used method, it will hardly leave a scar since the operation is performed between the armpit wrinkles. The surgeon makes 2~3cm or 4~5cm cuts according to the dimensions and the texture of the implant.
  • When the surgeon tries to implant the implant under the breast muscle, the surgeon damages less of the vessels and the nerves around the operation areas. You are unlikely to be infected either.
    Since the nerves around the nipples are less damaged you will still feel the breasts just fine. It will not take long for you to get it done. Fast recovery rate.

Advantages of thearmpit incision

  • - You will hardly find the scar.
  • - Preservation of nerves around the nipples
  • - No influence on the breast cancer examination
  • - Minimum damages on the nerves and the vessels
  • - No influence on the baby feeding and the pregnancy.

Periareolar (incision around the pigmented part of the breast)

  • Areola is the pink to brown circular part of the breast.The surgeon makes a 2cm cut in the boundary of the areola and the breast and has the implant implanted inside.
  • Since the surgeon secures the view during the operation, it will not take long for you to get it done. A scar might be left according to your conditions but it can be treated by a scar surgery.

Benefits of areola incision

  • - Quick operation.
  • - Minimal pain
  • - The incision does not influence the moves you would make. You can return to your routines as soon as possible.
  • - No influence on the breast cancer occurrence and the breast cancer examination
  • - Minimum damages to the nerves and vessels
  • - No influence on baby feeding and pregnancy
  • - Correction on the drooped breasts

Trans- IMF (Inframammary fold) (incision at the fold beneath the breast)

  • The surgeon makes a cut right under the bosom.
    With this incision, the surgeon has an exact distance of a wrinkle under the breast which would help us to make the breast very circular.

Benefits of the incision under the breasts

  • - You can have an exact location of a wrinkle under the breast.
  • - You will have charming breasts.
  • - Fast recovery

Trans-umbilical (through the belly)

The surgeon makes a small cut between wrinkles of the belly button. It was popular when the surgeon used implants with saline solution. However with silicone implants being popular again, it is barely used ever nowadays.

Before and after the surgery

Pictures before and after an operation

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