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What is the water-jet liposuction?

The soft micro-water is sprayed to get the fat separated from adjacent tissues. No damage to the vessels and nerves. The water selectively works on the fat tissues and that is the most unique feature of the operation comparing to the others. You will hardly have edema and bruises. Safeoperation. Fast recovery rate.

Process of the liposuction

Section Water-jet liposuction The current liposuction
Bruise and pain Hardly Likely
Swelling Hardly but 3~4 days For about 15 days
Returning to the routines Immediately After 10 days

Advantages of Water-jet liposuction

  • - The surgeon makes minimum incisions and uses a very thin tube. You will hardly find scars afterwards.
  • - No general anesthesia. Only local anesthetics will be infiltrated into your soft tissue recovered as soon as possible.
  • - Since the surgeon uses water for liposuction, you will be less likely to suffer from side-effects. Less of bruises and pains.

Pictures before and after an operation

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Pictures before and after an operation  

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