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Liposuction Korea

Pitangui lifting laser fat liposuction

Liposuction korea

Liposuction information

Liposuction korea

Pitangui mini lift fat liposuction

Mini-liposuction information

Upper body fat liposuction

Liposuction korea

Lower body fat liposuction

Liposuction korea


Re-liposuction korea
  • You need to receive the liposuction again if you…

  • 1. have uneven operation area from the previous liposuction
  • 2. are not happy with the result of the liposuction.
  • 3. are suffering from adhesion because of the excessive liposuction.
  • The re-liposuction is usually combined with additional fat liposuction and fat implant. Hence, you should take the operation from a very professional specialist.
  • At Pitangui specializing in Brazilian body shape aesthetic surgery, you could not be happier with the results after the re-liposuction.

Re-liposuction information

Before and after the liposuction

삐땅기 최첨단 의료기구

  • SAL(suction-assisted lipoplasty)
  • With the moves by hands, fat of delicate areas as a face, an arm and a thigh is absorbed
  • .
  • Benefits: Suitable for partial liposuction
  • PAL(power assisted lipoplasty)
  • Fat is removed by the vibrating energy. Suitable for the fat belly and the muffin top.
  • Benefits: Fat tissues are removed as much as possible in a possible long period of time.
  • Ultrasonic waves liposuction (라이소닉3000)
  • Fat is dissolved by ultrasonic waves beforehand. Fat from relatively thin areas as ankles, wrists and a face is removed.
  • Benefits: Minimum bleeding. Fast recovery rate.
  • Benefits: Minimum bleeding. Fast recovery rate.
  • (External stimulation) Fat is dissolved. (Internal stimulation) The dissolved fat is absorbed.
  • Benefits: Minimum bleeding, bruises and edema. Collagen production is promoted.
  • Water-jet
  • The fat tissues are separated by water power. Minimum tissue damage. Rapid recovery rate. Suitable for office workers.
  • Areas of operation: flanks, armpit, polymastia
  • Accusculpt laser (micro-melting)
  • The fat is removed with a micro bar as the optimized 1,414nm waves are applied
  • Benefits: Your skin will not be uneven. Production of collagen. Lifting.
  • 어코니아 laser
  • It is a laser treatment especially for obesity approved by FDA. The operation time is shortened by over 4 times.
  • Benefits: No edema, bruise and incisura
  • Rotation liposuction
  • The fat is removed as a patient’s body is rotated. No operation is conducted onto non-fat tissues.
  • Benefits: No edema, bruises and incisura

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Pictures before and after an operation  

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