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You will not make any cuts in the skin. With the filler practice, your problems will be treated in a short period of time.
Since it is non-operational you will not be worried about the scars and you can return to your routines right after the practice.
Are you afraid of a surgery, anesthesia and side-effects of the implant? Then you should go with the filler practice.


  • - Pitangui uses a certain amount of the drug which has been approved by FDA.
  • - You will be treated by a skillful specialist.

Areas of treatment

  • The flesh under the eyes

  • Many of the women in the twenties and the thirties are willing to have charm flesh under their eyes. It will take about 5~10 minutes for you to get it done.
  • Nose

  • No cuts are made. Any shapes and heights are possible with the filler practice.
  • Lips

  • Thin lips might make you look cold. As we inject filler into the lips, your lips becomes plumped and more attractive.
  • Laugh lines

  • Your laugh lines are plumped with filler.

After the filler treatment


엘레간 Co., Ltd. in USA first commercialized one of neurotoxins, called botulinum toxin, to the market under a name of botox. In the early stage, the drug was only used to treat a disease but since 1990’s, the medial field began to adopt the drug to remove wrinkles and to performa muscle reduction operation.


  • - It will take only 5~10 minutes.
  • - No pain since the operation is performed with the minimal anesthesia
  • - You can return to your routines right after the operation.
  • - The benefits appear after 2~3 days. By the second or the third week, the benefits would be maximized and it will last for about 6 months.

Areas of treatment

  • Forehead, Between eyebrows, Around the eyes, Nose, Around the lips, Chin, Neck

Pictures before and after an operation

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Pictures before and after an operation  

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