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What is Pitangui’s stem cell fat implant?

As an upgraded version of the current auto-fat implant practice, Pitangui’s stem cell fat implant has been designed to solve the current problems as low survival rate and volume decrease. By extracting the stem cell and combining it with the fat tissue, the surgeon implants high-enriched fat stem cell to the regular fat cell. You will be satisfied our original stem cell fat implant.

What is so special about Pitangui’s stem cell aesthetic surgery?

  • - Stem cell nose aesthetic surgery: The nose bone and the nasal tip are beautifully reconstructed with more than 90% of a patient’s own fat.
  • - Stem cell breast aesthetic surgery: You can have the fat implanted to the thighs and the belly.
  • - Stem cell three dimensional baby face aesthetic surgery: You will have the whole face plumped.
  • - Stem cell wrinkles: You can work out on the wrinkles by the auto-fat implant.

Why would Pitangui stem cell survive so good?

The reason for why the current auto-fat implant has failed for the high survival rate is because the fat stem cell has not been properly provided with nutrients.
At PitanguiMedical&Beauty Center, the surgeon evenly combines the fat stem cell with the fat and implants it to the operation area. Once the surgeon has new blood vessels, he provides them with constant nutrients. That increases the survival rate and the durability and you will enjoy the benefits as long as possible.

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