Harvest-jet fat implant
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What is Harvest-jet fat tissue implant practice?

This practice is carried out with patient’s own fat tissue and fat-stem cell. For that reason, it is considered safer and more lasting compared to other current fat implant practices with synthetic supplements.

Features of the fat implant

  • - No side-effects because no implants are used.
  • - Since only the pure fat is implanted through the latest device, the fat will be settled just fine.
  • - The needling work will not leave any scars because no skin is cut.
  • - You can have several areas treated by the practice.
  • - Any practice areas will be fixed just naturally.

Differences between the current fat implant and Harvest-jet fat cell implant

Section Harvest-jet fat cell implant Current fat implant
Safety Less of calcificationbecausethe fat stem cell implantpractice would use less fat. High possibility of inflammation and foreign substance occurrence
Fat survival rate
  • - Lower liposuction. Higher survival rate.
  • - Stem-cells become fat tissues in the implant area. They are survived as the fat tissues.
  • - Some of the stem cell is transformed into blood vessels in the implant area. That helps oxygen and nutrients delivered to the fat tissues in more favorable ways which would make the fat survive better.
The fat would not fit but separately exist.
Benefits Since the implanted fat would not be absorbed in a short period of time, you will get the meaningful volume increase effect only with one practice. For the facial implant practice, you will not get the volume increase as much as you desire only with one practice.
Durability of benefits As the stem cells get tightened in the implanted area, new fat cells would be added which would promise you for the longer durability of benefits. The supplement might be transformed and you might be even suggested to have the supplement removed. Even if the side-effects are completely treated, new tissues called the capsule will be produced around the supplement while the flesh covered the supplement gets aged and drooped.

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