Lipokit fat implant
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Structure of Lipokit

Comparisons on advantages of Lipokit

Medikhan’s Lipokit General centrifuge
With Lipokit of air pressure, fat is adsorbed while Tumescent is administered. Available only for simple centrifugation (no fat liposuction by air pressure)
Automatic free-oil separation (patented) Free-oil could not be automatically separated.
Since Tumescent is conveniently administered by the air pressure, the surgeonperforms a simple, fast operation. It will take so much time since Tumescent is administered by a regular syringe.
The built-in chamber-typed centrifuge prevents the contamination of a syringe. Most of the other centrifuges are not built-in chamber-typed.
Available for a great amount of fact separation (simultaneous separation up to 200cc) Fat separation less than 10cc (too complicatedcentrifugation process)

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