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What is the auto-fat implant practice?

Any dent areas of yours will be plumped with our auto-fat implant practice.
With fat gained from thighs, a stomach and a hip, you will have the dent areas become elastic and plumped.


  • - No feeling of alien substances because the practice is performed with the patient’s own tissue.
  • - No-cut practice. No scars.
  • - You can wash your face and wear a make-up two days after the operation.
  • - Semi-permanent effects
  • - Satisfactory benefits at a reasonable cost
  • - The area of the practice will be fixed just naturally.
  • - You can receive the practice onto many areas at a time.
  • - Maximization of adipogenesis. Minimization of liposuction

What is Pitangui’s three dimensional fat implant practice?

Unlike the two dimensional practice, the three dimensional fat implant practice will make your face visually three dimensional.
While 케뉼라 administered into the tissue passes through layers, a very small amount of fat is gradually dissolved. That work will make your face look more three dimensional.

Pitangui’s PRP three dimensional fat implant practice

PRP fat implant practice has been created by the combination of PRP and the auto-fat implant practice. The surgeon separates high-enriched platelet from blood extracted from a patient. The surgeon implants this into the skin with the fat gained from the patient.
When PRP works with the fat tissue, the growth factors in the PRP platelet would promote the activity of the fat tissue. That will help the collagen grow, working on damaged skin. Your aged skin will be rejuvenated.

Breast fat implant

You can still have fuller bosoms even if you are concerned about other synthetic implants.

Hip fat implant

Your hip will be more elastic if you combine the exercise with our PRP three dimensional fat implant practice.

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