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Why do you have to receive the childbirth massage?

Expecting mothers usually suffer from dysfunctional metabolism which makes them have numb hands and feet. In addition, as the baby grows bigger, the pelvis gets wider and because of this, the mothers have a severe pain on their waists. The mothers get more anxious and worried around the due date and the stress is unimaginable. With the childbirth care program by Pitangui that makes the mothers and the babies relaxed, the mothers will be able to give a birth to a child at their best.

Benefits of the childbirth massage

  • - Reduction of mental fatigue and anxiety
  • - Improvement of all sorts of dysfunctional circulations
  • - Reduction of edema and pains
  • - Prevention of gestational diseases
  • - Prevention of postnatal obesity
  • - Fast postnatal recovery
  • - Safe delivery and good influence on the baby
  • - Brain development of a baby

Special therapy for an expecting mother

Massage before and after childbirth

  • Scalp massage

  • When you have a baby, you might have a headache as if you have menstrual symptoms. The scalp message will reduce the headache, clearing your head.

  • Shoulders and arms massage

  • You will have much heavier shoulders and arms when you are pregnant as the breasts get bigger in the early stage of pregnancy. The shoulders and arms massage will help you to get rid of the pains on the areas.

  • Hands massage

  • People say that the hands are your body. With the hands massage, make the body relaxed and refreshed. The activated blood circulation will stimulate the generative functions.

  • Breast massage

  • We will massage the areas under your armpits. This will prevent breast cancer and you will not have a problem in feeding your child with mother’s milk

  • Neck and back massage

  • Expecting mothers suffer from pains on the neck as much as other general people do. When you have your neck muscles relaxed, your head get cleared and you will feel refreshed. The back massage relaxes the tension around the spine, activating the inner organs’ functions. It will prevent backache.

  • Pelvis massage

  • In the middle stage of the pregnancy, the baby gets bigger, making the mother’s pelvis wider. This causes pains on the waist and the pelvis. The pelvis massage will helps the mothers go through the pains.
    If you do not treat the distorted pelvis properly after the first childbirth, you will definitely feel uneasiness on the pelvis when you are expecting the second. The pre-childbirth massage will have the pelvis realigned and this will help you have a safe delivery.

  • Legs and feet massage

  • With the legs and feet massage, you will have blood circulated better even you are pregnant with a baby. It is such an efficient treatment to reduce heaviness and edema of the legs and the feet. In the late stage of the pregnancy, mothers often find the lower parts of the body numb as the baby grows so big. The legs and feet massage will help the mothers overcome the pains and numbness.

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