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Slimming care

LEE Na-yeong Aesthetics Pitangui Beauty Center is proud to conduct the very much customized treatment exclusively for you.

PPC care program

  • PPC is absorbed well into the skin
    The benefits are presented as follows.
  • Benefits of PPC

  • - The treatment with PPC is very different from the liposuction. It melts fat and has it discharged in sweat and urine.
  • - It will take about 10 minutes to get the treatment done.
  • - Considered efficient for small areas. Not only will you get smaller body size but you will also feel your skin more elastic.
  • - Gives more satisfactory results if you work on PPC treatment with other treatments.
       (For arms and legs, if you receive PPC treatment with an ultrasonic waves treatment onto the abdominal muscle, you will get better results afterwards).
  • PPC treatment is recommended for those who want…

  • - to be slim
  • - to lose fat on small areas
  • - to get cellulite removed


In general, fat gets dissolved at a temperature of 41°C. Deep heat occurred by RF makes the solid fat tissues loosened, burning excessive moisture between the tissues. As RF stimulates fat burning more efficiently, you will gradually lose fat in sweat and urine.


With the help of vacuum negative pressure and suction, your blood circulation and lymph circulation are stimulated. As the fat is massaged with a specially designed roller, the fat cells and adjacent tissues are consistently stimulated which would, in the end, burn the fat tissues. That process will activate the fat metabolism and other metabolism. While the metabolism functions fine, fiberized tissues, which are a main cause of cellulite, get dissolved and fat is reduced as well. You will witness your skin gets softer and your body shape gets slender.

Laser beam

While the skin cells are activated to function better, you will have less pain caused by inflammation. The skin substances as elastin and collagen will make your skin healthy and radiant. It will shorten a period of recovery, minimizing side-effects.

Pictures before and after an operation

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Pictures before and after an operation  

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