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Wedding care

LEE Na-yeong Aesthetics will make your most beautiful moment even better.

You deserve to be at your best on your wedding day. Since we fully understand your wish, we will be our utmost to make you the most beautiful bride on earth.

Bridal Care


  • - Your face will be radiant and dewy for wedding pictures
  • - Your face will take the make up perfectly and long.
  • - Slim waist
  • - Slim shoulders
  • - You will get rid of stress gained by wedding preparation while you receive the treatment.

Why do you need to receive the care treatment?

B&B Care (Bikini & Brazilian Care) Bridal waxing

What is good about Brazilian Waxing?

We bet that you have been annoyed by so much hair before. With Brazilian Waxing, you will not have any hair appear on a side of your bikini line. Believe us!

  • You will have eve the most private area beautifully decorated with Brazilian Waxing!!
    Brazilian Waxing is recommended for those who…
  • - have so much public hair
  • - want to have a special moment with the loved one
  • - want to have a very different experience throughout lifetime
  • - want to surprise the loved one
  • - go swimming
  • - want to have thin downy hair down there
  • - enjoy wearing bikini and thong
  • - suffer from vaginitis because of too much public hair
  • - feel inconvenience during the period because of hair
  • - are expecting a baby (about nine months pregnant)

You may not have received Brazilian Waxing before in your life but, once you get it done, you will do it again for sure!!
We use the most high-quality wax and a disposable spatula!!

Pictures before and after an operation

Online counseling  

Do you have any questions about the plastic surgery? Please contact us.

Pictures before and after an operation  

You have re-born through our operation! See how you have beautifully been transformed.

Real stories 

Meet our customers who have experienced the wonders of our treatments.

Counseling information

You will be provided with our caring, professional counseling.

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