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Benefits of the Swedish massage

Back care

  • Do you get stressed a lot? Then, you should get the back care program!
  • While you receive the back care treatment, you will have your spine realigned with less of muscle pains on the shoulders!!
    Your back gets stiff as you get nervous and stressed in your daily life. With the back care treatment, your neck and shoulders will get relaxed. You could also prevent any physical problems caused by stiff back muscle if you keep receiving the back care treatment.

  • - Discharge of waste.
  • - Better blood circulation
  • - Detoxification
  • - Better body proportion as the body gets slim.
  • - Control of energy. Cell activation (Asthenia, chronic fatigue, numb hands and feet)

Core ideas of the care program

You will be emotionally relaxed while you receive the back care treatment. The oil absorbed into the skin helps blood circulate better, swiftly recovering muscles and tissue.
In addition, you will get any inner waste removed which would promote the metabolism and find the balance between the mentality and the body.
While your blood circulates more favorably, the waste will be ready to be discharged. That way, your skin will be rejuvenated feeling moister.

Abdominal care

  • We stand erect and this makes our abdominal muscle loosened downwards. In particular, most of us are annoyed by the fat on the upper and the lower parts of the belly.
    We usually gain the belly fat as we consume too much of carbohydrate which would get our growth hormone accumulated. The accumulated growth hormone is transformed to subcutaneous fat, causing mismatch of a liver function and a stomach function. All those works make the abdominal muscle strong and since it does not handle the weight of the inner organs, it becomes loosened downwards, making us have unfavorable abdominal fat.

  • - As the waste is promoted to be discharged, you will find your abdominal muscle back.
  • - Discharge of feces contained long in the intestines
  • - Removal of cellulite. Decrease of body size. You will get a beautiful body shape

Core ideas of the care program

We will be making the muscles and the bones of your hip stronger as working on improving the elasticity of inner muscles. As you are forced to breathe more during the care treatment, you will get the blood circulate better which would promote the function of the excretion organ. Once you have strong stomach and digestive organs, your abdominal fat will be decreased and that will help you to have a likable body shape. Add to this, while the muscles of kidney and bladder get relaxed, you will find the balance between the hormone and the stress handling autonomic nerve system.

Lower body care

  • Nowadays, people hardly stand up in their workplaces. They sit at their desks all the times and this makes them have edema, striae distensae, goose flesh and cellulite. With our lower body care program, the unnecessary fat will be removed.
    While the muscles of stomach, kidney and bladder get relaxed, your body flexibility will be increased. Enjoy fat-free body shape with our lower body care program!

  • - Reduction of edema
  • - Discharge of waste
  • - Removal of cellulite
  • - Fat splitting
  • - Promotion of lymph circulation

Core ideas of the care program

Your unfavorable muscular legs will be relaxed as the treatment promotes the blood circulation in the legs. While the waste is encouraged to be discharged, you will have elastic, beautiful legs in the end.

Breast care

  • Are you not happy with your breasts? Get the breast care and you will have the breasts that everybody would want to have.
  • They will never feel artificial and awkward! We will give you the breasts that would fit your body shape!
  • All the women are willing to have full beautiful bosoms. The modern women would be more interested in having feminine bosoms rather than a beautiful face.
    We handle all kinds of breasts from small bosoms, loosened bosoms, unbalance bosoms to artificial bosoms. You will be satisfied with full elastic bosoms after the treatment.

  • - Development of the pectoral muscle and mammary gland of the breasts
  • - Beautiful breast shape as adjacent fat is gathered in the middle
  • - Gives a sense of elasticity to the skin tissue
  • - You will have full attractive breasts.

Core ideas of the care program

As the hardened muscles are relaxed the blood circulation becomes favorable. The better lymph circulation and waste discharge help you have elastic, beautiful breasts.

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