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Special care

With the special care program, your skin will be as much radiant as a celebrity’s skin. It is non-operational but still you will see wonders working on your skin! You can return to your daily routines immediately after the treatment.

  • AMTS
  • Are you suffering from large pores, acne scars,
    fine wrinkles or hyperpigmentation? The special skin care
    will make your skin feel silky.
  • The special care treatment helps the skin to have a natural healingpower.
    Collagen is stimulated and revitalizing substances are adsorbed into the skin,
    your sleeping skin cells will be awakened. You should not be worried
    about side-effects.
  • LUMI
  • Be the goddess of the beautiful skin with the combination of laser treatment and revitalization treatment!
  • The treatment fineststimulationsontotheborderoftheepidermisandthethickskin.
    Skin cells getactivated which would have collagenandelastinworkjustfine.

AMTS(Automatic Microneedle Theraphy System)

Natural curing power-Multi-needling treatment stimulates the epidermis without harming damage to the skin and helps the skin grow again.
Protein and collage are re-arranged in the skin and the elastic skin becomes free-acne and free-acne scars with tightened pores. You will less wrinkles and less pigmentation on your face. If you combine the treatment with drug treatment and relevant cosmetics, you will get more satisfactory results.

  • Derma-stamp and AMTS are all needling work. But, they are different for sure!

  • Both treatments are considered the similar in that they both help the skin re-growth through needling work. However, for Derma-stamp, you will get the treatment with a roller which has been used before while for AMTS, only one-use needle is used. AMTS is more hygienic and you do not need to be put under anesthesia. In addition, AMTS features a fast recovery rate and since the treatment is conducted in a controlled vertical manner, you will be done with the treatment before you notice it.

  • Advantages of AMT

  • - Less pain. Improvement of various dent scars.
  • - Hygienic operation. Thorough operation.
  • - No side-effects. No problem if you are exposed to sunlight – you can go back to the daily schedules right after the treatment.
  • - Through micro-holes, useful substances are provided which would maximize the benfits of the treatment.
  • - Improvement of pigmentation diseases as freckles
  • - Improvement of hot flush
  • - Hair loss prevention
  • - The needle is not awl-typed. It is rather lancet-typed and it minimizes skin damages.

Possible problems during AMTS treatment

  • LUMI(Laser beam irradiator)

  • The micro-stimulation stimulates the activity of the fiber cells. As collagen, elastin and 클라코 아미노글리칸 which are the substances to build up the thick skin layers gets activated, the melatin would be controlled. That way, freckles and pigmentation are treated which would get your skin radiant. You will have less of hot flush while the skin becomes more elastic. Good for anti-wrinkles and waxing.

LUMI Care Program

  • - Decrease of hot flush
  • -Reduction of freckles -Diminished freckles and pigmentation -Improvement of acne scars -Improvement of pores and skin elasticity -1~2 days after waxing and shaving (as long as a patient has received strong waxing program)

What you should be careful about after LUMI

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Pictures before and after an operation  

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