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As the No. 1 plastic surgery clinic in Korea, we promise you that you will get the safest and the most precise treatment ever in your life.

Core competitiveness
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Pitangui One Stop Care Service perfectly fits the lifestyle of busy people in the modern society. Apart from the plastic surgery, we conduct dental treatment, skin care treatment, body care treatment and spa that will relax your body and mind. At Pitangui Medical&Beauty Center, you will be receiving rapid, high-quality service from the most professional medical staff.
  • Professional medical center
  • Every center of Pitangui Medical&Beauty Center - the plastic surgery center, the dental care center and the beauty center - is equipped with an organized medical care system.
    We promise you that you will receive the safest and the most skillful treatments and operations at Pitangui Medical&Beauty Center.
  • First generation plastic surgery special list
  • For the last 24 years, the duty doctor of Pitangui Medical&Beauty Center has never committed any medical accident.
    He has contributed himself to the development of the aesthetic surgery field in Korea.
    Many Korean celebrities and models are coming to him for they know how professional and reliable he is.

  • The very first surgical methods in Korea
  • · 1990 Reduction mammoplasty and lifting surgery by using
      an idle wheel
  • · 1992 Ultrasonic waves lipolysisplasty
  • · 1992 Hip-up implant operation
  • · 1993 Face lifting surgery including the periosteum
  • · 2003 Magic lifting using the multi-spin
  • · 2003 Endoscope elestromatic fat splitting surgery
  • · 2003 Face reconstruction by using the bio-plastic
  • Patient’s room, recovery room, intensive care unit
  • We have prepared patient’s rooms, recovery rooms and intensive care unit. You will feel relaxed and secured while you are recovering after the operation.

  • Post-operational care system
  • In order to help you return to the ordinary routines, we performs the best beauty therapies based on aesthetic medical skin care technology.
  • Instrumentation system with 3D CT
  • With the 3D CT instrumentation system, we conduct a very thorough preliminary examination before you receive any operation.

  • Security of UPS (Private generating system)
  • No one knows what will happen in the future. In order to cope with any possible events, the surgeon has secured “the heart defibrillator” which would handle heart’s blood-related emergencies.
  • Customized clinic
  • The surgeon has several beauty treatment programs as the facial care treatment, the body care treatment, the pre-and post-childbirth care treatment, the wedding care treatment and the student’s clinic treatment. You will be happy with our customized clinical programs.

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